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The true story of the miscarriage of justice inflicted upon Gloria Killian in her own words –

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An all-American, mid-western farm girl, Jennifer Myers had worked hard toward a successful career as a dancer in Chicago. But just as her star was rising, she fell for the kingpin of a drug trafficking operation. Drawn to his life of excitement, she soon acquiesced to driving marijuana across the country, making easy money she stacked in shoe boxes and spent like an heiress…

Jennifer Myers is an artist, speaker and prison consultant that prepares first time non-violent offenders and their families for the experience of federal prison. She is on the board of ACWIP where she is developing a re-entry program, My Bag is Her Bag, with designer Amy Hall and director Gloria Killian, that will create jobs for women coming out of prison. Her poems and short stories have appeared in the anthology Razor Wire Women, and the online literary journal qarrtsiluni. Trafficking the Good Life is her first book.


This book is filled with original quotes by the author that reminds us to always find our joy and fulfill our dreams. What began as a personal journey during a very dark time, ended up becoming so much more. Each page tells a story with a beautiful picture and a quote straight from Amy’s heart based on her own experiences. The words in this book are like a friend that is reaching out just when you need them the most. 

Believe in Yourself  ~ Inspire Others ~ Spread Joy, isn’t just a title, it’s a way to live.

Amy Wise is an author, writer, blogger and editor. She is the author of;Believe in Yourself  ~ Inspire Others ~ Spread Joy! (2012) and This is Me….Coming Out of the Darkness (forthcoming), for which she is also working on a movie. Additionally, Amy is a contributing author in the anthologies; Dancing at the Shame Prom (2012) and Oil and Water and Other Things That Don’t Mix (2010).


In Our Lifetime…

The Ordination of the first Catholic Woman Priest
A Novel by Jeanne Pieper

Available from
In paperback or ebook-

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to ACWIP


Offering nuanced portraits of women’s lives inside razor wire and prison walls, Razor Wire Women puts incarcerated women in dialogue with scholars, artists, educators, and activists who live outside of prisons but work on issues connected to the prison industrial complex.


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