For the past 15 years, The Action Committee for Women in Prison and Good Shepherd Lutheran

Church, and Claremont Presbyterian Church have joined together to provide small gift bags

for the 2,500 women imprisoned at the California Institution for Women, and the Fire Camps AND

the 2500 women incarcerated in the Los Angeles County Jails. Many other churches, schools, and

civic groups, including individual donors have joined with us to support this project. These small

gift bags are the ONLY holiday gifts that women in prison or jail are allowed to receive.

Allowable items are small lotions, soaps, body wash, shampoo, conditioners, toothpaste,

toothbrushes, lip balm, hair ties & scrunchies, stationery, greeting cards, lined paper, small

packets of coffee, tea, cocoa and pieces of wrapped candy.

Monetary donations are also needed. For more information please contact Gloria Killian at (626) 710-7543.

ACWIP is a registered 501©(3) and all donations are tax deductible.


Toys for the Children
Please donate unwrapped toys (cash donations and $10 Target gift cards also accepted)
for children of incarcerated mothers!

We are accepting unwrapped toys for the children of incarcerated mothers at the California Institute for Women. After visiting with their mothers for the Christmas holiday, the children will be allowed to select the toy that they want from the toy closet. The children are told the toy is a gift from Mom. Often times this may be the only gift the child will receive.

Contact Gloria Killian (626) 710-7543



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