~ FedCURE ~

FedCURE is the world’s leading advocate for America’s, ever growing, federal inmate population. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to extend an invitation to each of you to join us in our efforts to reform the federal criminal justice system in the United States. Federal CURE, Incorporated is a nonprofit organization that, inter alia, deals largely with the issues faced by federal inmates and their loved ones.

We are working to enact the BARBER AMENDMENT ~ legislation to establish a hybrid system of parole and increased good time allowances; repeal mandatory minimum sentences; fast track compassionate release for terminally ill inmates; restore PELL grants; and develop ‘White House Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships Reentry Programs,’ for all federal offenders; and promote a system that incarcerates fewer people and provides humane conditions for those who are incarcerated or under post-incarceration supervision via parole or supervised release. Over 60,000 people were released from federal prison last year, of which 20,000 were deported.

The figures are astounding: more than one in every 100 adults in the United States is currently incarcerated and one in 31 adults are on probation or parole. Since 2009, approximately 40,000 federal inmates qualify for Community Corrections Custody (CCC) placement annually, of which twenty (20%) do not go because of lack of bed space, especially, in the jurisdictions where it is needed most. The numbers of eligible inmates has increased and seriously outpaces CCC capacity. In fiscal 2011 the Federal Bureau of Prisons was operating at 38 percent over rated capacity. The trend is anticipated to continue without end. There is no way to build out. The grounded reality facing reentry today is that communities have successfully blocked and or put a halt to new construction of Federal Prisons and Residential Reentry Centers (RRC), formerly known as, Half Way House. We must intervene with policies and legislation that are smart and right on crime. FedCURE’s White House Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships reentry proposal would create almost unlimited bed space. The goal is to maximize the use home confinement for federal inmates reentering the community under current statutory law and bureau policy, which insures public safety. FedCURE estimates this would increase annual CCC capacity 10 to 20 thousand people or more (a 5-10% reduction in the federal prison population). Home confinement can provide unlimited CCC placement capacity at half cost. This would reasonably reduce the federal inmate prison population without jeopardizing public safety.

The groundbreaking Congressional Research Service 2013 Report recommends Congress increase good time allowances and reinstate parole for federal offenders. GAO says a 10% reduction in the inmate population saves $660 million a year. The BARBER AMENDMENT saves $1.2 billion a year on incarceration, that can be redirected within the bureau’s budget to reentry, e.g., housing and employment.

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